Im Stuck in Groundhog Day!!!!

I count think of a better title for this!  It comes down to the stability of our relationships doest it?  We feel better when the relationships in our head, and in TRW are calm and meshing well.  The only issue with that is…well, US!  Tammy and I are evidently at loggerheads agin and I don’t know why??  Well maybe a little, but not enough to get into a discussion about it without asking questions.  here comes the drama, Tammy doesn’t want to deal with this again.  I cannot blame her!  I wonder how many times she has already!!??

Just like the movie Groundhog Day, Starring Bill Murray,  We liven a life of non-contiguous thoughts.  We cannot form truly deep opinions and thoughts.  We lose time and keep  living the same scenarios like they never happened before, yet deep down we can feel this has happened before…dejavu?  welcome to the Matrix!!!!…..  Yet we expect our SO’s to keep right along like nothing happened…because to us it didn’t!  Got forbid a protector alter comes out and telly makes a mess of things…thats where I am today!

We just can’t tie them all together like neurotypical folks can!  Since we cannot grasp onto memories, or the feeling of self or knowing who we are, we have to use emotions to fill the void.  This is not always a wise choice when it come to things like marriage issues, work issues, shit, any kind of issue that involves another life form with any kind of feelings!  This is because the only constant for us is emotions!  Now, the truth of it is at least for most of us, that the emotions become the whole thought and feeling.  This can lead to some pretty rocky interactions!  Our emotions tend to be at the poles of the spectrum!  This I am still trying to grasp, when I do I will let you know!

So now, back to the story:  Tammy is in a fit, even though she may have needed to hear what she did, that doesn’t make the delivery acceptable.  When the delivery is messed up the message never makes it through.  Its like getting a pizza from Dominos, but they threw at the upstairs window that was closed and they still want a tip!

If there is anyone out there that can help me to help my wife understand and deal with the alters better…please tele!  I will put you together!  I don’t need to moderate that!  I have enough traffic to direct already.  I appreciate the help!


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