Lost in head space…….

So we made it home after the trip. What a trip. I don’t remember seeing it in the cold storage place. I have heard stories though.

I am sorry if you were there that day. That’s all I can say on that.

Moving along, we have never been any kind of artist other than stick figures. Found this on a sketchbook I own. Forst time we’ve ever drawn anything. We’re not artistic at all. Other than food. And then it’s all in who’s cooking!

I will attach it here. All comments welcome as long as they’re not rude. We don’t like rude.

We may have an opportunity to go on the Dr Phil Show. Larry has been busy since he got pissed in Charleston. I don’t know if we should do it. I’m very confused here. I want to confront my cousins who did shit to help us when we were asking. I don’t know. Ugh. Changing a lot lately. Sometimes in minutes. Five and six times a day at one point. Has anyone else ever been through that? I’m missing whole days from the trip.

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Wow. What to say?

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