A little about Kevin


Now you have met the family, and you want to know a bit about Kevin.  Lets see, where to start:

I was born, in Charleston WV.  From there, I lived in Cross Lanes, on Tyler Mountain until I was in the First Grade.  From there Dad went to work for Cutler Hammer in Milwaukee, So we moved there.  We were there about 6 months until we moved from Milwaukee to a small town called Fredonia, in Ozaukee County.  I was there for 2nd and third grades.  Then we moved to fucking Houston!  Dad was in the oil business now for Occidental…….  We moved from Houston to CYFair, another school.  The schools in Houston were “OPEN CONCEPT”, I do not know if any of you have been to a school like this, but when your a kid with his own cheering section, this can be rough.

After the move to Houston things became a blur, we moved twice around Houston, then onto New York, and Europe.  Ugh.  13 schools altogether.  I quit unpacking and learned to live out of suitcases essentially.

I eventually ended up back in Fucking Houston!  Working in the petrochemical planets around Pasadena, just like my grandpa!  Just put that together now…..he worked for Dupont in Belle WV;  An insulator and Union Steward.

.Then the road takes many more turns and my intimate relationships are rocky at best on any day.  People always talk about how I am moody, unpredictable and can forget anything it seems.  Just like my mom used to be…………….

Now, I spend my time trying to get back to work, writing here, and raising my kids….its the stuff in the middle that you will have to get from the alters as I cannot remember most of the rest,

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