A little about Kevin


Now you have met the family, and you want to know a bit about Kevin.  Lets see, where to start:

There was originally a very different bit of material here. At the time we wrote this, we thought we were only the sum of the life thrust upon us by others. Two years later, we know we could not have been further from the truth.

We have, officially Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is otherwise known as multiple personality disorder. We choose to refer to our coping skill as, Dissociative Identity Fragmentation. This is not a disorder or disease. We are not broken. We have evolved in the face of many terrible things. We have become what we had to become, in order to survive.

There are fourteen of us in here. We are all learning to live together, like flat mates. We have the same body, but in some cases, very different perceptions of our reality. Perception as you know, is reality. There are many kiddos, we call them littles, a Vietnam vet, an arrogant perfectionist, the list goes on. We are all fragments of Kevin. Living as a collective singularity.

Please. Read our postings. Give feedback and comment. We love to have it all.

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