The Secret is the Power!!!!

As you know we have been dealing with it's death. Kevin went to see it today and we haven't felt him since. We found ourselves in front of the cold storage where they're keeping it. We have learned the UG was also a cruel and hateful being. What we don't understand to this day is [...]

OH Shit. The truth hit the fan,.,

Well. I am in the land of coal and welfare. It is a beautiful state. But that's not why we came now is it. So, we were able to see a family member that had answers. Answers that we weren't expecting or wanting. However answers that were truth. They say the truth sets you free? [...]

So. The things we learn…

Having DID, or as Inlike to call it my "logistics and support team", does give me an unfair advantage over most folks. Let's face it. I can multi task with the best of them. Unfortunately, the same gift can be a terrible affliction when it allows a you to see through the dog of bullshit [...]

Hate this confusion!!!!

So. As you all know I am enroute to West Virginia to tend to Genes affairs. Here's the thing. My cousins want ,Ed to just let him be at PEACE!! They want me to respect his wishes!!!! WTF? Then, when she tells me she can't figure out what I did that was so wrong????I told [...]

Im Off to Bury the Wizard…

Well.   we are finally off to West Virginia.  I think the best thing to come out of this so far is that Ashley and I have had one of the most honest conversations of our lives and I can finally be my selves around him.  I am collecting him air Rebeccas, my sister in [...]


Hey there intent demon!  Just wanted to drop in on this thing and let my presence in the world be known!  Its not fair that the others get all this airtime and I get shoved in the closet. they keep talking about all the stuff they do and I can't even goo out for a [...]

So I just closed myself…

Wow, so am going to copy and paste a post I just made on Facebook. Please respond. "OMG! Has anyone ever just had that moment when a light bulb goes off and it’s like” I really am crazy as shit!!” Just happened to me and I’m telling us as I am laughing that I am [...]

What to do with the Body???

Wow, ok so here we go...  This is a complete mess!  The fathers body sin cold storage, and I am the next of kin!! REALLY!! Are we the only ones that see the irony in this?  So his new girlfriend wanted to cremate him right away...I also found out that the body was NEVER examined [...]

So. It finally died.

So, Gene, my father, out sperm donating POS father finally died last night.  We still don’t believe it!  We’re going to see the body! on top of all this,  he can’t even have the decency to handle his affairs properly.   I am the next of kin and he didn’t marry the Whore he was [...]

Im Stuck in Groundhog Day!!!!

I count think of a better title for this!  It comes down to the stability of our relationships doest it?  We feel better when the relationships in our head, and in TRW are calm and meshing well.  The only issue with that is...well, US!  Tammy and I are evidently at loggerheads agin and I don't [...]

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