The Fam (Outside)

So, as well as the glee club between the ears, I have a real family as well.  I am not sure why they always stick around, but what the hell, I am fat and sexy!!!



The family matriarch and the reason I am still alive, free and not restrained!  Tammy is from a varied background starting in Seminole, Texas, stretching to California, and back to East Texas!  She is a common sense gal with whom my love, care, and sometimes frustrations go!  She is awesome!

Kerry Shae

Kerry is the oldest of the tribe!  She is 23 and tall, gorgeous and intelligent.  Oh, a pain in the ass too at times, but not one I would ever want to be with out!!  She has really become an anchor for me as she petsit.  She doesn’t question, judge or look funny, she just gets it!  Right on girl!  Love ya!

Jessie Renee

Jessie was just an awkward, skinny girl with glasses when her and I had our first chicken salad together.  Since then I have seen her grow up into a stunning and smart future MD and Radiologist, or whatever she decides to be awesome at!  Rock on baby!  I think even for 19 she is the smartest one in the house!

Tessa Raquel 

Wow, Tessa….Where to start>>>!  Tessa will make you love her for hte perfectly sweet and innocent girl that she is.  When we first met she was but a wee l ass!  First grade or so I think…LOL..We used to do spelling words together!  Now she has grown from a tomboy into a sweet girl trying to find herself and what she is in the world.  I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us all!

Aaliyah Gayle

OK, well….lol………..  you will be hearing a lot about this one!! Thisis my youngest, ny princess, my baby girl!  They’re all my girls. but she is the baby and my last good chance and being a good dad.  I won’t fill up too much space here with what you are surely to be flooded with if you read further in the future,,,she isa precocious 5 and rules the roost around here!

Fiona Gayle 

Fiona is my second child, born to my second wife, Amanda.  Fiona is without a doubt the striking likeness of her mother.  I don’t get to see her like I would like, the crazy came out then.

Kevin L Painter Jr

Kevin is my only son, born third, to my second wife Amanda.  He is my namesake.  I miss him daily and always.  There is never a time when all of my children faces aren’t in my heart.  I will see you again one day.

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